Songtext: Bisexuality

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Now and then

Every so often

And in passing

A women’s night just has to be

In the woman question

I’m gradual

You see I am bisexual

I like to keep things open

I keep both sides hopin’

I always have an alibi

Because you see, I’m bi

I used to be unstable

But now I’m oh so able

If I don’t get on with the guy

Then she’s still there waiting

Women’s groups are really neat

But nights I’m with him between the sheets

From her its tenderness I find

With him security, peace of mind

And if I sometimes feel rage

The women give me courage

And everything is fine for a while

And I can reconcile everything again

What I liked so much with the women

I brought back home to him

He does it with more subtlety

Since I’ve become a feminist

I totally agree with women’s fight

And feminism is just right

But if he dislikes the intensity

Of course he’s my priority

But now and then …

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